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By accessing this site or downloading material (with our permission) from this website, you accept these terms. Please note that you may not use the Site if you do not accept these terms.

1. Copyright
The contents of this Site is the intellectual property of www.lvs.gr, without prejudice to any rights not expressly granted here. All the copyrights of this website containing www.lvs.gr owned or third parties rightfully concerned. By accessing this Website you agree to these copyright laws.

2. Privacy
The www.lvs.gr accurately applying the principles of data protection provided by international and European law that regulates issues relating to electronic commerce (Directive 2000/31/EC, DPR 131/2003) and by the Law on Protection Consumer (Law 2251/1994), which regulates matters relating to remote sales and related provisions of Greek law (Law 2472/1997) to protect the individual and the protection of personal data, supplemented by the decisions of President of Personal Data, PD 207/1998, 79/2000, Article 8 of Law 2819/2000 and European law with the directives 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC, explicitly states that it will not make any unauthorized use of your personal data and in no way disclose, publish, sell, lease or exchange your personal data and information you submit to any third party. Your personal information upon your request be deleted and not granted to anyone in any way. By submitting material to our server, you agree that the material does not contain false, illegal or in any way unfit for use and publication.

3. Third Party Sites
To facilitate your access to its website,www.Lvs.gr may include links to sites on the Internet, which are owned or managed by third parties and themselves responsible for their content.

4. Disclaimer
The www.lvs.gr has made every effort to display the greatest possible accuracy the products available to view photos, descriptions and specific comments. However, this site may contain errors (typographical, numerical and visualization). To www.lvs.gr not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the depictions and descriptions or reliability of any advice, opinion, statement or other information displayed or distributed through this Site.

5. Modification of terms
The www.lvs.gr reserves the right to amend or renew the terms and conditions of trade and undertakes to inform the text of any change or addition to the conditions.

6. Property - Trademarks
The content of the website, www.Lvs.gr,the logo LE VIEUX STYLE are property of CHATZIGAVRIIL S. & Co E.E. The product names and company names mentioned in this sites network may be trademarks or trade names of their respective owners. Your access to this website should not be construed as granting, by implication, estoppels or otherwise any license or rights to use any marks, logos, images, representations that appear on this website, without the prior written consent of us or any third party owner them.

7. Shipping
www.Lvs.gr can serve customers from all over the world using transportation companies; the transportation cost is paid by the customer.

After placing your order we shall inform you about the total cost and  the delivery date.
The order will be sent by transportation companies, after receiving the payment.


The payments are made via bank remmitance.

Details will be send after placing the order.

8. Withdrawal and Returns
Returns outside Greece are accepted.The transportation cost paid by the customer .

9. Product Prices
All prices shown in our catalogs are  including VAT. These values relate to amounts that are available in our warehouse while www.lvs.gr reserves the right to adjust prices.

10. Governing Law
All the transactions made through Lvs.gr governed by the International and European law that regulates issues relating to electronic commerce (Directive 2000/31/EC, DPR 131/2003) and by the Law on Consumer Protection (N . 2251/1994) regulating matters relating to remote sales.


This Privacy Policy covers all personal data of visitors / users collected during the visit and use of the services and pages of the website www.lvs.gr. Also, this agreement covers the conditions for collecting, processing and managing the personal data of visitors / users from www.lvs.gr to any affiliated companies with it. This agreement does not in any way cover the relationship between visitors / users of www.lvs.gr and any services not subject to control and / or ownership of www.lvs.gr. Given the nature and volume of the Internet, under any circumstances, including the case of negligence, www.lvs.gr is not responsible for any kind of damage the visitor / user will suffer on the pages, services, choices and contents of www.lvs.gr that he / she makes on his / her own initiative and knowledge of the terms of the present.

Every visitor / user is cautioned: If he / she does not agree with the terms of protection of personal data here, he / she ought not to use the services of www.lvs.gr.

Collection and Use of Data

Www.lvs.gr collects personal data a) when the visitor / user enters his / her services b) when he uses his / her products and / or services and c) when he visits his / her pages and / or enters his promotional / promotional programs .

The user should not disclose the user alias and password to third parties, nor should he store them in electronic or printed form to prevent any unauthorized use.

If the codes are disclosed to a third party, the user has the obligation to immediately inform www.lvs.gr. In the event of data leakage, www.lvs.gr has no responsibility, since it has not been previously informed of the illegal use of such data.

Www.lvs.gr uses the personal data of visitors / users for three general reasons:

  • • Customer support / user support and selection of the content that offers them to be relevant to their general preferences
  • • meeting customer and user requirements for the services and products available from and through www.lvs.gr.
  • • informing them about new offers of services and products.

Correction and / or deletion of personal data

Www.lvs.gr gives the right to the visitors / users to delete their personal data, correct and / or update their personal data and / or to hide their registration at any time by simply visiting the relevant service www.lvs.gr

Providing and disclosing personal data

Www.lvs.gr undertakes not to sell, rent or in any way publish or / and disclose the personal data of the visitors / users of www.lvs.gr to any third party. Www.lvs.gr may provide personal data of its visitors / users to third parties and / or natural persons only if:

  • • Has the explicit consent of visitors / users to channel personal data
  • • The provision of personal data to legal and / or natural persons working with www.lvs.gr is necessary to fulfill the wishes and / or orders of users / members. Legal and natural persons working with www.lvs.gr have the right to process the personal data that visitors / users of www.lvs.gr submit to it only to the extent strictly necessary to provide support to www.lvs.gr (eg courier companies for the delivery of the ordered products, giving the name, shipping address and contact phone number, so that the order can be delivered).
  • • Enforced due to compliance with the relevant provisions of the law and to the competent authorities alone.


Www.lvs.gr may use cookies to identify the visitor / user of certain services and pages of www.lvs.gr. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard drive of each visitor / user and do not know any document or file from their computer. They are only used to facilitate visitor / user access to specific services www.lvs.gr and for statistical purposes in order to determine the areas where www.lvs.gr services are useful or popular or for marketing purposes.

We use Google Analytics to analyze the use of this site. Google Analytics generates statistics and other information about using the site through cookies, which are stored on users' computers. The information generated about our site is used for generate reports about the use of the site. Google will store this information. Google's privacy policy is available at: http://www.google.com/privacypolicy.html.Please advertisers / payment service providers can also send you cookies. We may post ads based on Google Adsense interest on our site. These are tailored by Google to reflect your interests. To determine your interests, Google will track your web behavior using cookies. You can view, delete, or add categories of interests related to your browser by using the Google Ads Preferences Manager available at http://www.google.com/ads/preferences/. You can opt out of the Adsense Affiliate Network Cookie at: http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html. However, this opt-out mechanism uses a cookie, and if you delete cookies from your browser, the exception will not be retained. To ensure that the exception is retained in relation to a specific browser, you should use the Google browser plug-in available at: http://www.google.com/ads/preferences/plugin.Most browsers allow you to reject all cookies, while some browsers allow you to reject only third-party cookies. For example, in Internet Explorer you can deny all cookies by clicking "Tools", "Internet Options", "Privacy" and selecting "Block all cookies" using the radio button. The exclusion of all cookies will, however, have a negative impact on the usefulness of many sites, including this. Links to other sites www.lvs.gr includes links to other sites are not controlled by itself but by third parties (natural or legal persons). Under no circumstances is www.lvs.gr responsible for the Privacy Terms of the visitors / users whom they follow .IP AddressesH IP address through which the visitor / user's computer has access to the Internet and to the continuation at www.lvs.gr is kept for technical reasons and is used only for the collection of statistics. Protection of minorsWlvs.gr visitors who are minors are not allowed to access www.lvs.gr services that can be considered as opportune for minors and which can not be controlled by the www.lvs.gr. In any section or service that may contain material that is inappropriate / abusive / immoral there is a warning to visitors / users. If, however, minor users visit pages with inappropriate / abusive / immoral material that can not be continuously checked, www.lvs.gr bears no responsibility. Eshop Services through EshopThe clients of www.lvs.gr can pay through the e-shop (eshop) for the products available on the All products page includes 24% VAT. Upon completion of the transaction, an electronic PDF file with proof of service or service invoice is sent to the mail. (the name, address and VAT) and the transaction details. The payment of products may cover specific products. Applicable Law and Other Terms the above terms and conditions of use of www.lvs.gr, as well as any modification thereof, are governed by and supplemented by Greek law, European Union law and relevant international treaties. Any provision of these terms becomes legally inapplicable, it shall automatically cease to be valid and shall be withdrawn from the present, without in any way undermining the validity of the other terms. The present constitutes the overall agreement between www.lvs.gr and the visitor / user of its pages and services and does not bind them except. No change to these terms shall be taken into account and shall not form part of this Agreement unless it has been drafted in writing and has not been incorporated into it. Transitional ProvisionsThe non-exercise by the rightholder of any right or power of indemnity resulting from the law shall not shall in no case be waived by this right. These terms are governed and interpreted by Greek law, and the Greek courts will be responsible for resolving any dispute. The beneficiary, however, has the right to waive this provision and to apply or interpret these terms in accordance with the law of the country of use.

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